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eCOTOOL - e-competences tools


The long-term objective is the development of a European skills and competence model that can be integrated in the existing European policies (namely Europass, EQF, EQAVET, ECTS, and ECVET) and adapted to all branches. All European policies are still lacking a standardized common skills and competence model. Therefore eCOTOOL is developing the Europass CS eco‐tools that are a brand new solution that is not yet available in the whole of Europe nor in any of the LLP countries.

The overall objective of eCOTOOL is to improve the development, exchange, and maintenance of VET certificates and their accessibility and transparency by harmonizing Europass with other European instruments (EQF, ECVET) and e‐competences. This will increase the European mobility and transparency of VET systems.

The eCOTOOL project will provide advanced and sustainable instruments and tools for the Europass CS:

First an application profile will be developed from the European instruments as an information model, which will become the European standard for certificate repositories based on the Europass CS specification.

This information model will be delivered with a full XML binding to complete the Europass CS eco‐tools and to support and facilitate their dissemination to and application in all European countries. The CS eco‐tools will be tested and evaluated by applying them to the agricultural sector.

This pilot testing will be conducted according to the findings and results of a needs analysis conducted in this sector.

Finally, the CS eco‐tools will be disseminated throughout Europe and in particular submitted to the European Standardisation Bodies to launch an official European Norm (EN).

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