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eCOTOOL - e-competences tools


The eCOTOOL Project will produce 28 deliverables over a duration of 2 years.

The project deliverables of a ‘Public’ nature will appear on this page – once approved – for wider dissemination.

Deliverable NoDeliverable NameWP NoDissemination Level *Delivery DateDownload Link
D1.1Report on Europass CS and Usage1Public29/06/2010Report on Europass CS and Usage
D1.2Application Profile of Europass CS1Public30/11/2010Application Profile of Europass CS
D1.3Internal Workshop on Requirements for Application1Public30/03/2010Internal Workshop on Requirements for Application
D1.4Refinement and Optimization of Application Profile1Public31/10/2011Refinement and Optimization of Application Profile
D2.1Europass CS Technical Tools2Public30/11/2010Europass CS Technical Tools
D2.2Internal Workshop for Review of Technical Tools2Public30/09/2010Internal Workshop for Review of Technical Tools
D2.3Refinement and Optimization of Technical Tools2Public31/11/2011Refinement and Optimization of Technical Tools
D3.1National Workshops on Agriculture VET Requirements3Public30/06/2010National Workshops on Agriculture VET Requirements
D3.2Report on Agriculture VET Requirements3Public31/08/2010
D3.3Adaptation of CS eco-tools to Agriculture Sector3Public31/10/2011
D3.4Europass CS eco-tools Population on Online platform3Public30/11/2011Europass CS eco-tools Population on Online platform
D3.5Refinement and Optimization of adapted eco-tools3Public31/10/2011Refinement and Optimization of adapted eco-tools
D3.6Refinement and Optimization of adapted eco-tools to Organic Agriculture
The CerOrganic Case Study
D4.1Quality Management Plan and Pilot Testing Plan4Restricted31/01/2011-
D4.2Report on Pilot Implementations and Testings4Public31/08/2011Report on Pilot Implementations and Testings
D4.3Evaluation Report from Pilot Testing4Public30/09/2011Evaluation Report from Pilot Testing
D4.4QM and Validation Report and Recommendations4Public30/11/2011QM and Validation Report and Recommendations
D5.1Project Web site5Public28/02/2010Project Web site
D5.2Dissemination Plan5Confidential28/02/2010
D5.3Interim Dissemination and Valorisation Report5Confidential30/11/2010-
D5.4Final Dissemination and Valorisation Report5Confidential30/11/2011-
D5.5European Workshop on Europass CS and CS eco-tools5Public30/11/2011Competence Conference
D6.1Exploitation Plan6Confidential31/05/2010-
D6.2Partner Affiliation Programme6Restricted30/11/2011-
D6.3Collaboration with Standardization Bodies6Public30/11/2011Collaboration with Standardization Bodies
D6.4Final Report and Recommendations for Exploitation6Public30/11/2011Final Report and Recommendations for Exploitation
D7.1Project Management Handbook7Confidential28/02/2010-
D7.2Interim Management Report7Confidential30/11/2010-
D7.3Final Management Report7Confidential30/11/2011-

* Dissemination Level: Public, Restricted, Confidential

** Status: Pending, Completed, in Review, Approved

Project Workspace


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